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10 Exclusive Trends in 2019 to Upgrade your Summer Fashion Game!

July 13, 2019


10 Exclusive Trends in 2019 to Upgrade your Summer Fashion Game!

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Summer is not around the corner, in fact for some it is already here! 

The scorching heat is making its presence visible and days have started to grow warmer. With this obvious weather shift, one has a crucial responsibility to upgrade the summer wardrobe according to new trends. Fashion is all about evaluation and outdated summer clothes from 2018 that might not work. Yet, the task can be confusing sometimes. With all these beautiful trends flourishing in the fashion realm, one may get confused about what to include and what to avoid. 

You need not worry any further, we’ve compiled all the exclusive summer fashion trends in 2019 that would help in upping your fashion game in 2019. 

1.  Tie-dye with Floral Patterns 

Throughout all these years, tie-dye has maintained its global status for being the ultimate summer trend. Every year we see tie-dye patterns of bright color printed on different fabrics in various summer collections. Almost similar is the case with florals, a common favorite for summer fashion. Although both the fashion trends signify various phenomenon, this year Miuccia Prada introduced a fusion of tie- die and floral patterns which became an instant global hit. Signifying ‘youthfulness and feminine liberation, the tie-dye fluoro approach has now become one of the hottest summer fashion trends of 2019. 

Pair up with: Tie-dye combined with florals is quite a distinctive, colorful element in itself. To not over-do things, keep your other accessories to minimal. Better to avoid necklaces completely. To further tone it down, pair your outfit with an oversized blazer or a loose denim jacket.

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2. Primary Colored Tartan

No longer reserved for the classic fashion signature only, tartan-centric street style is entirely dominating the summer fashion trends. This bold fashion inclination is a great extension of the checkered pattern clothes from last year’s collection. 

Tartan can be flaunted in different styles of clothing. From blazers to loose pants, you can carry them as you like. But be specific with the colors you choose. This summer is all about going ultra-vibrant with your tartans. From bright natural greens and striking navy blues to dazzling yellow, play with the primary colors that enhance the fascinating square symmetry.

Pair up with: Enhance your bright colored tartans with black tights, simple-but not boring at all. High heels are another contemporary match to keep the retro-modern balance in order. 

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3. Utilitarian Designs 

You may hear this term a lot in fashion circles with regards to exclusive trends. These utilitarian designs are one-of-a-kind and favorable for those who prefer to balance both, fashion and function. Their origin is as unique as the trend itself. 

Back in the days, the design was far from anything fashionable. It was, in fact, tailored for hard labor and manual work. But as fashion evolved to be subtly practical, we got stylish utilitarian designs in jackets, shirts and trousers dazzling the runaways of a well-known fashion brands including, Fendi, Dries Van Noten, Isabal Marant, Balmain, Givenchy and Hermès. 2019 has brought us an even better version of this funky fashion, introducing chic boiler suits and combat trousers that give you an ultimate ‘ready-to-go’ casual look.

Pair up with: Bold frame glasses with a trendy bag go best with the boiler suits. Also, don’t forget to flaunt a classic bun. Tied up hair looks so much better on a casual utilitarian style outfit. 

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4. Lavender Tones

Ultra Violet was the color of 2018 for fashion brands. However, in 2019, lavender is the shade for summer style look. From wisteria to lilac, you will see fashionistas flaunting a stunning variety of shades from the lavender family on runways and fashion magazines. 

The cool shade is perfect to experiment with different summer styles like floral dresses or head-to-toe ensembles. Designer brands, such as Kate Spade, Molly Goddard and Marc Jacobs has highlighted the flattering feminine representation of the color with a lovely touch of soft fabrics like lilan and chiffon for their summer 2019 collection. 

Pair up with: As lavender is one of the softest tones, contrast it with brighter colors like blue and subtle shades of brown. 

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5. Puffy Sleeves and Shoulder Cuts

Minimalism was trending in 2018. It’s time for statement Puff sleeves with bold cuts! The 80’s retro touch is back with a modern twist. 

Although puffy sleeves have been a highlight of party wears in the past, yet, latest variations are more casual with a daytime look-oriented. In addition to that, bold shoulder cuts are also something to opt for this summer. With variations in the design and color, eccentric shoulder cuts are making their way to become more desirable in summer clothing lines. 

Pair up with: Puffy sleeves are even bigger than last summer. Therefore, to keep the look more fashionable but simple at the same time, blouses and shirts are simpler for this summer, enhancing the modern silhouettes and easy-to-wear finishes.

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6. Retro Revival 

A strange paradox it is, but ‘retro’ never goes out of fashion. While searching for exclusive 2019 fashion trends, you will find a lot of vintage outfits standing out for their evolved look. To begin with, start up with vintage accessories, like lacy scarves, floral hats and funky jewels. The latest summer styles also feature a lot of high waisted pants and jeans with stripy blouses. Moreover, you can also experiment with your retro outfits by matching necklines of tops them up with a few contemporary elements like, open sandals and stone jewelry.   

Pair up with: Your retro look will remain incomplete without suitable accessories. Don’t forget to pair your outfit with vintage metal square glasses or cute floral handbags. 

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7. Ruffles

Summer 2019 is high time for getting on board with ‘layered designs’ that include ruffles. The trend actually was recycled in 2018 by some of the fashion giants like Rodarte and Carolina Herrera in New York Fashion Week. They incorporated the style in their outfits by combining it with a contemporary approach. 

This year ruffles are even more in demand with all their layer and lace oriented glory. The best thing about this trend is that it’s versatile and perfect for those who are bored of simple, smooth shapes and cuts. 

Pair up with: Try simple leather pants and neckline shirts to intensify the flairs and rock your ruffles! Also, hats complete the look when it comes to outfits with ruffled sleeves and collars.

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8. Patchwork

Patchwork is no longer just a traditional handcraft piece of work. It is one of the most exclusive fashion trends of 2019. From runways in New York to Fashion world of Paris, Patchwork is the new favorite medium of fashion designers to experiment with. The traditional-to-contemporary design enables ones’ signature style to be as creative as it can get. The look combines together contradicting pieces of fabric to gain a diverse and stunning design.

Pair up with: Allow your patchwork piece to be the focus of your outfit by teaming it with simple, block-colored garments and accessories.

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9. Belt Bags

The beginning of a new season provides ideal opportunities for fashionistas to pull up something distinctive. This summers’ notable element is definitely the funky belt bags or bum bags as they are called. These bags were once the preserve of tourism accessories but now, belt bags are having there big moment in 2019 fashion. 

Pair up with: Belt bags support so many summer styles like sleeveless tops with denim jeans, colorful skirts and even lacy short length frocks. 

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10. Single Color Tailoring

Tuxedos and suits are an eternal part of forever fashion trends. But there is a more all-inclusive tailoring trend which will probably transform the way we dress this summer season. Believe it or not, the shades are making all the difference. Monotonal tailoring is emerging to be the new ‘hip’ of the formal category.

Fashion houses like  Chanel and Gucci featured bold and bright colors while other brands like Victoria Beckham and Giuliva Heritage went with the softer hues but they had one thing in common, singularity in the color choice. 

Pair up with: Single stone tops always look elegant with tailored suits. Other than that, pair up a nice pair of stilettos (in contrasting colors with your suits) to give the whole look an edge. 

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Create Your Own Signature Style

Fashion trends of any kind are just to give you a good idea of what can work and what cannot. But creating your own unique style depends on you. Always be fearless while making your fashion choices and dazzle every look you carry this summer.

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