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Micro-influencers for the Super Bowl, New tool ‘Off-Facebook activity’, How to make a B2B boring profession great again… here is what happened this week

January 31, 2020


Micro-influencers for the Super Bowl, New tool ‘Off-Facebook activity’, How to make a B2B boring profession great again… here is what happened this week

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Leading brand turns to micro-influencers for the Super Bowl campaign

With the final of the 2019 National Football League (NFL) to take place during the night of Feb. Sunday 2 to Monday 3, consumer brands are ramping up their communication around one of the most watched event worldwide.

In addition to more or less famous personalities to act as brand ambassadors, hummus brand Sabra asked a couple of Instagram micro-influencers to invite their audience to participate to a contest awarding five 100,000$ prizes as well as pots of hummus. “Dip. Watch. Win.” is the motto.

Sabra is collaborating with micro-influencers to make their Super Bown advertising.
Dip. Watch. Win. Sabra’s jingle for the Super Bowl.

Those macro-influencers have between 10k and 20k followers. Among them, we have lifestyle bloggers, mommy and travel bloggers, professional athletes…

As a matter of fact, brands are increasingly moving towards a mix of large celebrities and small influencer to roll-out their communication.

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Facebook launches a tool called ‘Off-Facebook activity’ to let you know how it tracks you

You may not know it, but a lot of external websites and apps share the activity you have there with Facebook. Such information is then used for better ad targeting.

This week, Facebook released his long-awaited tool allowing you to have a view on how it tracks you outside of the social network: “Off-Facebook Activity“.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "off activity facebook""
Off-Facebook Activity tool on smartphone (Source: TechCrunch)
  • If you want to know which websites and apps did share your activity with Facebook, click here.
  • More practical details on how to use Off-Facebook Activity can be found here.

As pointed out by The Washington Post columnist Geoffrey Fowler, the tool is buried in endless clicks in the settings section and is not that useful as it doesn’t allow to easily reset bunches of links between Facebook and your favorites apps. Nevertheless, alternatives such as Google don’t offer the same visibility.

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How to attract the best influencers at no cost to promote your brand or store

If you’re willing to work with influencers but have limited budget to make it happen, creativity becomes key to maximize the attractivity of your business towards them at limited cost.

Influencer marketing agencies and platforms must think about how to best attract the most relevant influencer and micro-influencers.
Defining your offer to attract the best influencers is no easy task

And this starts with thinking what your business could offer to make an influencer want to work with you. This week, New York University Professor and Honigman Media CEO Brian Honigman pubished an article sharing a couple of ideas to get you to brainstorm. Here is our take on what you can think of:

  • Free products/food to test/taste, review, and create content about
  • Invitation to your events: casual invitee, VIP, panelist…
  • Introduction to relevant people in your network (e.g., other brands/stores)
  • Participating to an interview, article, video, image that you will feature on your website
  • Sharing, liking or commenting content they create

This is of course only a short list of all the things you can do. What ultimately matters is that your reward is valued by influencers. So, don’t hesitate to ask them openly what they would like to receive and adjust your reward consequently.

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Pharma regulators investigating influencer marketing

Regulators of the pharma industry, both in Europe and Americas, are increasingly looking at what will the rise of influencer marketing mean for the sector.

  • In the US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is ordering two studies on the impact of influencers on consumers behavior. In particular, three different kinds of influencers will be studied: physicians, celebrities and patients; and in two different setups: either full disclosure of paid partnership or no disclosure at all.
  • In Spain, the Ministry of Health is reportedly working together with Google to identify and erase content where an influencer recommends specific drugs to their followers, sometimes prescribed drugs. Such content is rather legion in Spain and regularly called off by pharmacists on Twitter.
Pharma companies are using influencers and micro-influencer agencies to promote their skin care products.
Laura Meija has 1,3 million followers on YouTube and her video promoting a skin care drug of Bayer has been viewed almost 5 million times to date (Source: YouTube)

No doubt this is only the beginning, with large pharma companies increasingly seeing the value in using influencers to reach target consumers for beauty products.

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How influencers are making a boring B2B profession great again

Our friends at Fanbytes succeeded to make successful and exciting for Gen Z (born after 1995) a campaign about the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in UK. Concretely, how did they proceed?

They used TikTok influencers to kill all the stereotypes about “boring accountants”. They used Snapchat influencers to talk about ACCA qualifications and inserted a swipe-up link to their home page. And finally, they used an AR Lens allowing people to switch from a boring accountant filter to another one more in line with their codes.

How micro-influencers agencies are making a boring B2B profession great again through collabs and collaborations.
Snapchat ACCA lens (Source: Talking Influence)

The campaign resulted in a great success, expanding their reach and collecting millions of views on social media. Therefore, you may ask yourself why? Simply because they moved away from their traditional marketing practices. To reach Gen Z, you need to use Gen Z codes. And guess who knows them best? Answer: Gen Z influencers.

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