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Instagram DM for desktop, Facebook in 10 years, Casper’s influencer-backed IPO… here is what happened this week

January 17, 2020


Instagram DM for desktop, Facebook in 10 years, Casper’s influencer-backed IPO… here is what happened this week

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Instagram is rolling out DMs for desktop

Already announced more than a year ago, Instagram has started to allow a few accounts to send DMs through the web interface. That’s a huge step to improve the experience of people using Instagram in a business setting, among others.

Instagram desktop DM feature (represented here by TechCrunch) will make the life of influencers and micro-influencer easier.
Instagram desktop DM feature (Source: TechCrunch)

Instagrammers will be able to use most of the features currently available on the mobile version, except from sending videos and saving pictures and videos.

This move from Instagram is aligned with the broader strategy of unifying Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram; the two former being already available on desktop computers without drop in user experience quality.

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Instagram is trying different ways of hiding fake images

You may not know it, but Instagram is putting a lot on efforts in preventing fake content to be shared on the social media. Once content is identified as fake, it is either deleted or labelled as such by Instagram, and bundled with specific pop-ups the users have to go through to share the publication.

For pictures, Instagram uses independent service providers to do the double check. The thing is, the veracity and/or authenticity of a piece of content is sometimes disputable, because of the different interpretations and the artistic nature of a picture.

Take for example digital artist Ramzy Masri who altered photographer Christopher Hainey’s picture back in 2017.

His publication got recently flagged by Instagram as false information and warnings were put in front of users willing to access it, generating frustration among some of his audience.

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It seems like Instagram will have to upgrade the criteria and/or the training of the independent checkers. We’ll see how it evolves.

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Influencers seen as an increasing risk to business reputation

Influencers have helped some of the biggest brands either being born or grow. Obviously, this can go in the opposite direction. For one of the very first times, “influencer marketing” has been listed as a key risk factor in light of an initial public offering (IPO).

The company in question is Casper, a US based e-commerce of sleep products, also selling in some retail stores. In its official fillings, Casper highlighted “Use of social media and influencers may materially and adversely affect our reputation.”

They refered both to the risk of negative messages from influencers they are not directly linked to, but also to the risk of unintentional bad communication from profiles Casper is generally associated with.

Casper has listed influencer marketing as a risk to generate revenues in light of IPO
Casper has listed influencer marketing as a risk to generate revenues in light of IPO

Fashion brand Revolve who went public last year also listed influencers in its IPO fillings. Back at the time, they had a network of 3,500 influencers.

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Zuckerberg sees further power shift towards micro- and nano-influencers

In this beginning of decade, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg outlined his vision both on a societal and corporate level for the 10 years to come until 2030.

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Population aging, virtual and augmented reality… Mark Zuckerberg did cover quite some topics.

In particular: as millennials enter the professional part of their life, it is more than ever the time to capitalize on Facebook’s ecosystem to secure the capture of part of their upcoming purchasing power.

By the end of the decade, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp should be pretty much fully integrated and offer seamless experience throughout the customer journey, (and maybe) backed by Facebook’s own currency and payment system.

How should it play out? Showcase of products on Instagram, direct discussion between customer and vendor on Messenger, and payment/money transfer on WhatsApp.

Within this framework, Zuckerberg believes micro- and nano-influencers should play a key role in offering visibility to brands and businesses, and no doubt this should happen on Instagram.

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