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What to watch from social media platforms in 2019?

July 13, 2019


What to watch from social media platforms in 2019?

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Life is moving and technologies are taking hold of us from all sides. It’s not a moment just to rely on a billboard advertisement, newspaper and magazines marketing, or any traditional and monotonous modes of marketing. It’s a virtual and online era. The importance of digital marketing cannot be ignored, if you want to grow, “you have to go with the flow”, and today’s flow is totally towards digital marketing through social media platforms.

It is the responsibility of a social media manager to mull over different social media platforms and select a best suited option to target relevant industries and niche audiences. Social media platforms are not just limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat, there are also various other social media networks working competently which have their significance. This article will be throwing light on “today’s 14 hot social media platforms” and making it easy for managers to choose best one for product branding.


Users: 2.37 billion Active users

Region: Global

Content type:  📝📸🎥

Orientation:  Mainly B2C, and emerging B2B channel

Description. Needless to say, Facebook is one of today’s top social media platforms. From children to older adults, almost everyone living in this era has an account (personal or business) on Facebook. Rising numbers of groups from various niches are also an attention factor for its users. Initially best suited for B2C marketing, B2B marketing on Facebook has taken more and more importance. According to The Content Marketing Institute’s recent survey, 86% of businesses use B2B advertisement methods to market their brands on Facebook today. Indeed: if everyone today is on Facebook, it includes the decision maker of the prospect you are trying to convince.

Our view. Today, almost all major brands are using Facebook pages to promote themselves via B2C and for the promising B2B marketing angles. For managers, Facebook is a must-use platform to target a more grown-up/adult audience.


Image result for youtube logo png

Users: 2 billion 

Region: Global

Content type:  🎥

Orientation: Mainly B2C and emerging B2B channel

Description. Video format has risen significantly over the past years, and no site hosts more videos than YouTube. It is no surprise that the content uploaded on YouTube within 2 months is equal to the content created by three leading television networks of the USA in 60 years of their performance. YouTube has 80% of its audience from outside of the US, features 76 languages and accounts more than 4 billion video views per day.

Our view. With naturally more engaging content (i.e., video) and an audience encompassing all segments, YouTube is an exceptionally powerful way to market products. In comparison to Instagram, influencer marketing tend to be slightly more costly on YouTube.


Users: 1 billion

Image result for instagram logo png

Region: Global

Content type:  📸🎥

Orientation: Both B2C and emerging B2B channel

Description. Instagram is today’s hottest social media network on which primary and only formats of media are photos and videos. It is considered as the birthplace of influencer marketing. Just like YouTube and Facebook, Instagram also has 80% of its audience from outside the US. The majority of Instagram users are between 18-29 years old, and a third of teenage users rate Instagram as the most important social media network to date, making Instagram an inescapable best social network to target young people, students, and young active workers.

Our View. Instagram is a staple of B2C influencer marketing and means of communication for young generation. In 2019, one can consider that not even a single brand marketing strategy is succesfully operated without using Instagram.

4. WeChat

Users: 1 billion

Image result for wechat logo png


Content type: 📝📸

Orientation:Mostly B2C

Description.WeChat is the most popular Chinese social network with more than 1 billion active users, equivalent to ~75% of total Chinese population. Not only a simple messaging application, WeChat provides multiple additional functions such as online shopping (about 83% of WeChat users have performed online shopping through the app) bill splitting, online payment making, gaming, cab billing and much more.

Our View. Because of its unique geographical coverage, WeChat is for sure a must have channel to reach the ever growing Chinese B2C audience.


Users: 540 million

Region: Global

Content type:  📝

Orientation: Mainly B2C

Description. Reddit is the fifth most popular website of the USA and top 18th site worldwide. It has a massive assortment of public forums; where people share news, content and comments. Forums are further subdivided into millions of communities that are known as “Subreddits”, each with singular niche topic. Pretty much every topic on the planet has its own subreddit.

Our view. Subreddits are a powerful channels tool to reach niche, typically hard to find audiences.


Users: 500 million active users

Region: Global, steered towards China and India

Content type:  🎥

Orientation: MotlyB2C

Description. TikTok is the latest and one of the most appraised app among teenagers. Young people and even pre-teens have their leisure time making video clips on TIKTOK: almost 60% of active users are between the age of 16-24 years. Content hosted on TikTok is mostly user generated short video clips of up to 15 seconds.

Our view. TikTok is booming at the moment and is the right portal to reach young and exetremely connected audience in China and India.


Users: 440 million users

Region: United States

Content type:  📝📸

Orientation:B2C advertisement

Description. TUMBLR is a blogging, microblogging and social community network founded in 2007, where users can publish multimedia posts in their Tumblelog. One can re-blog posts, and like each other’s content. It’s a great alternative to publish quick posts rather than lengthy ones and it’s very mobile friendly.

Our View. TUMBLR is an appropriate channel to post if you don’t need something as big is a blog, and if you want to express yourself in something a little more lengthy than a tweet. Tumblr is more convoluted than Reddit and provides a medium to reach the niche blogger with a well-built community.


Users: 330 million

Region: Global

Content type:  📸🎥

Orientation: B2C

Description. Snapchat is an app in which one instantly shares pictures, short videos/stories, and private text messages. Content on Snapchat has a disappearing feature makes it unique from the rest of social media platforms, until Instagram introduced its own story feature. It made content ephemeral, a disruptive change vis-a-vis classic social media where there is a record of everything you post.

Our View. Somehow, Snapchat is losing its significance and attractiveness but can still be relevant to reach young audiencees.


Users: 320 million

Region: Global

Content type:  📝

Orientation: B2C and B2B

Description. Twitter was launched in 2006. Today, it’s one of the most used social media networks. Users have profiles and newsfeeds and they post what they think in a “Tweet”, which can be up to 280 characters long; it can be read, liked, commented or retweeted by the followers or other Twitter users. Hence, Twitter has multifunctional features and can be used as news sharing portal and direct advertising channel.

Our View. Twitter appears to be a good channel for niche B2B marketing.


Users: 300 million

Region: US and Europe

Content type: 📝

Orientation: B2B and B2C

Description. Quora was launched a decade ago, and is now one of the most popular querries platform on the planet. On Quora, users ask questions and give answers to each other’s queries. It has a feature imitated from LinkedIn and Twitter, known as the “follow” feature.

Our View.An eminent social media platform for managers to nurture their brand image via B2B and B2C channels shored up by Quora influencers. 


Users: 250 million

Region: Well known all across Asia, Australia, and the US, but comparatively not as popular in Europe

Content type:  📸


Description. Pinterest is an alluring social media platform that acts as a display board: users can share or pin photos to their boards, and follow each other boards – in addition to linking and commenting. It initially started by featuring content around home arts like cooking, decorating, fashion, gardening. In 2013, for the first time Pinterest exceeded Facebook and email as a sharing medium. People go on Pinterest to find inspiration and share it back. 80% of active users on Pinterest are women.

Our View. As far as interior design, architecture and related topics are concerned, marketers will find Pinterest as a potential channel to advertise their products to a more mature and women-steered audience. Pay attention though, it is not much penetrated in Europe.


Users: 250 million 

Region: Global

Content type:  📝

Orientation: B2B

Description. LinkedIn started as a network for professionals to find out their ideal job. But now it is so much more than that, it has become a real content sharing platform instead of just a job finding website. Users interact and connect with each other to tie professional and business knots. There are a lot of ways to engage, such as sharing, commenting and liking but you can even search for the top hashtags in your field just like on Instagram.

Our View. Today LinkedIn is loaded with influencers and in the next couple of years it is expected that it will be a topmost B2B advertising destination. It has a really good organic reach so it makes it easy to create a community around your brand or product. However, boosted posts are way more expensive than on other platforms.


Users: 150 million

Region: Europe and US

Content type:  🎥

Orientation: B2C marketing

Description. When it comes to gaming craze, one should visit Twitch. Twitch is a streaming website mainly focused on gaming. Users can watch others playing games from all categories and connect with them as well through the instant chat feature allowing viewers to directly interacts with the streamer and with other viewers.

Our View. Besides being a gaming niche website, it is expected in the coming years that Twitch will expand in lifestyle niches as well. To be monitored.

14. VK

Users: 100 million 

Region: Russia

Content type:  📝📸🎥

Orientation: B2C

Description. VK is the second most popular website all across Russia. It is a medium to share photos, videos, and written pieces and music, so it’s just like a Facebook-Spotify hybrid. VK is a free file sharing network (although free file sharing is illegal but the network is still in service without any legal action taken). Its users are mostly adults under the age of 30. Advertisement is not overwhelming or intrusive on VK which makes it adequate for influencer marketing.

Our View.VK is a way to explore Russian audience and a direct link to reach them.

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