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Why micro influencers are the most efficient advertisement form?

March 29, 2019


Why micro influencers are the most efficient advertisement form?

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Rakuten Marketin has recently revealed that the once acclaimed benefit of having celebrities promote your brand has diminished over the past few years. Ours is the era of micro influencers taking over and creating more user engagement for your brand.

Every small to mid-scale business is opting for creative, edgy and modern practices for advertisement. From social media posts to polls, from short videos to carefully placed ads, we are evolving. It is time to consider micro influencers as the next best thing in the advertisement industry and for brand awareness.

The Perks of Micro Influencers Advertisement:


Micro-influencer marketing is cheap when done without an agency

While celebrities like Kylie Jenner earn as much as $1 Million for paid Instagram posts, a micro influencer will raise brand awareness and promote your business for as low as a free product sample.

According to Lenon, “[Advertisers] are more comfortable with micro influencers because it’s less risk and higher ROI. Micro influencers are also willing to do more for less and deliver on more of the asks than larger names.”

A micro influencer will not only endorse your product, but they will be more than happy to do more in a lot less than $1 million. Interviewing more than 100 micro influencers, we actually found out that most of them are more than happy with just free product. Which makes them exponentially cheaper than their celebrities counterparts.

Easily Manageable

(You can easily manage micro-influencer from your iphone, whether it is beauty influencers, vloggers or even famous youtubers)

Celebrities have 99 problems, and your product isn’t one of them. They only care about the payment, and the more famous the celebrity, the harder it is to manage them. They show up late for recording, they rarely go over the script you provide them and they try to improvise when they feel like it.

Micro influencers advertisement process is easily manageable by the business owners. They give it their best effort, and the audience finds the content relatable. All you have to do is slide into their DM and offer them an opportunity and most of them will gladly accept. Research conducted with SPI watch over 500 european influencers concluded that the average response rate to business opportunities from influencers with less than 10,000 followers is up to 8 times higher than those with more than 100,000 followers.

One of the challenge we are working on at Snikpic is making this process as smooth as possible, with our app you will be able to simply find an influencer, audit its profile and start collaborating right away without leaving your phone

Localized and Native

digital and local marketing find their conjunction with the use of micro-influencers

We all love the effigies of perfection that are celebrities, but at the end of the day, we feel more in sync with our local micro influencers. The reason is the humanity they exhibit in their content.

One of the reason micro influencers are as efficient is how localised their audience is. And it is more than just a trend. In a research covering this time more than 100,000 influencers profile, we found a correlation of more than -0.95 between the size of the influencers and the spreadness of his/her audience. Which basically means that the smaller influencer are, the more localised their audience is. This finding is not all surprising, a more local influencer tend to influence audience around them while a bigger celelbrity will have more of a global footprint.

Now think back about this $1 Million you would have paid Kylie Jenner to promote your restaurant or your small e-shop and think about the share of Kylie’s audience who would actually encounter your business. Quite a waste of money isn’t it ?

SOCi and LSA have recently conducted a research project which revealed that Facebook Local Pages experienced nearly 2x the impressions of Brand Pages. Modern users crave relevance and being a local makes them feel relatable to micro influencers advertisement.

More than 3 quarters of all user engagement on Facebook is for the local pages and their promotional content. This goes to show where the audience thrives the most and enjoys the content.

Truth is, big influencers footprint only benefit global brands. And even then the argument is hard to make.

Active, Engaging and Willing Audiences

when comparing famous macro-influencers and big celebrities (like youtubers) to micro-influencers, their engagement rate is as low as 5 times lower

Yes, it is true that megastars have more fans than a micro influencer. However, their fans are usually lazy, inactive or casual viewers who only care about the celebrity and not about their attire, choices and message.

An analysis ofover 3.5 million profiles of influencers reveals that micro influencers (below the 10k followers’ threshold) have an engagement rate between 5-10% while celebrities (profiles above 100k followers) have an average engagement rate between 0.5 and 2%, which is 5 times lower than their micro counterpart.

Micro influencers have audiences who actually listen to what they have to say. Furthermore, it humanizes the brands for the audience, and it feels like buying from the local hardware store or franchise.

They actually talk you through the process of using the product and paint the business in more humane, natural and reliable colors than most celebrities do.

It’s like buying something from your local hardware store.” says James DeJulio, president and cofounder of Tongal, a service to bridge the gap between brands and creators. The audience listens to the influencers and acts upon their advice.

The Bottom Line

Micro influencers have a closer, more personal and deep connection with the general audiences. Their words resonate with the mass populace, and they are not superficial beings. When they raise brand awareness for a product, it feels organic, natural and human to the audiences.

In today’s era, it is of utmost importance to maximize profits with low costs. Micro influencers do just that. They do more for less, and they do it with their best efforts. It is time you join the trend too and appoint them at your marketing forefront.

La Redoute, an online fashion retailer, has already appointed micro influencers for their advertisments and they have seen a huge boom in their sales ever since. “We find that micro influencers have a closer, more personal relationship with their followers, which leads to more authentic content and a more natural influencer platform.” says La Redoute’shead of social media, Anna Faure.

So, you should also invest in more engaging and modern marketing techniques and trust a micro influencer to push your empire forward. Let them be your horsemen and they will ensure that your brand awareness maximizes your profits.

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